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12-14 May 2005 13th meeting of the International Society of Cryosurgery Faculty of Medicine, University of Crete, Greece.
11-12 September 2003 Combined Meeting of the International and European Societies of Cryosurgery, Huxley Building Imperial College of London, London U.K.
14-18 September 2003 CRYOBIOMOL 2003 - Low Temperature Biology - From the Low Temperature Physics and Chemistry of Biological Molecules to Life in Extreme Low Temperature Conditions Coimbra, Portugal
17-19 June 2003 The Nizhniy Novgorod state medical academy, laboratory cryology NSMA, the Centre medical cryology "onKolor" present the first International Privolgsky conference on medical cryology, organized in Nizhni Novgorod (Russia)
CRYO 2002, the international meeting of the Society for Cryobiology, July 27 - August 1, 2002 in the mountain resort town of Breckinridge CO.
Feb. 2002 Vladimir I.Kochenov MD. invites collegues to contribute to the third volume of: "MEDICAL CRYOLOGY"
The Combined meeting of the International and European Society of Cryosurgery:
XIth World Congress of Cryosurgery Lisbon , Portugal October 5th - 7th, 2001
Proceedings: pdf format.
International Symposium Advances in Cryomedicine,Russia, St.-Petersburg , 7-8 June, 2001
Chris D’Hont M.D. A Report from the 1st European Congress of Cryosurgery Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain. March 30 ~ April 2, 2000
New Medicare Approved Primary Treatment Option For Prostate Cancer October 27th, 1999 @ 12:00pm EST
Live Webcast:Discussion includes information on the Newest Medicare Approved Primary Treatment Option
for Prostate Cancer by Endocare, Targeted Cryoablation of the Prostate (TCAP).
Targeted Cryoablation of the Prostate - Webcast Surgery
September 24th 1999
Midwest Prostate Symposium
In Memory of Mr.Lloyd Ney
May 22 - 23 1999 Somerset Inn, Troy, MI
Medicare Coverage
Endocare Announces National MEDICARE COVERAGE for its prostate cancer treatment procedure. Decision Provides Millions of Male Medicare Beneficiaries Access to Targeted Cryoablation Procedure.
10th World Congress of Cryosurgery
Proceedings and Photos from the 10th World Congress of Cryosurgery October 29th - November 1st, 1998 Orlando, Florida
Cryo Forum welcomes prof. Cortesini's equipe
We would like to welcome prof.Cortesini's equipe. Their center opened it's activity with an exceptional operation, which we believe to be the first of it's kind: cryosurgery of a 4cm epatic methastasis of adenocarcinoma in a patient who had already undergone a liver transplant for adenocarcinoma two years earlier.
The operation was carried out with open technique and performed by prof.Alfani at the Second Surgical Clinic, La Sapienza University, Roma, with the aid of prof.Lezocche of the Umberto I Hospital, University of Ancona and dr.Lugnani's Cryo-team from Trieste.
There was no post-cryo bleeding and the operation followed it's regular course in spite of the foreseeable difficulties. The post-op was regular and the patient was dismissed from hospital in excellent conditions after five days.
Congratulations to dr. Mouraviev's equipe
On the 3rd of December 97, dr.Mouraviev and prof.Prochorov of the Russian Academy of Science Hospital in St.Petersburg carried out a transcutaneous US-guided cryoablation of suprarenal gland in a case of hormone relevant tumor. We believe this is the first operation of it's kind.
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